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Β When you’re a teenager, makeup is all a bit of a mystery (well, for me it was..) I remember over-hearing a group of girls at school talking about what makeup they had on – I didn’t even know what Mascara really was.. ‘paint for…

13th March 2015


Happy Valentines day! In the spirit of Valentines Day I have uploaded this little date night makeup & hair look over on my YouTube channel! I went for a neutral eye using the Urban Decay Naked palette, a small dosing of mascara and a…

14th February 2015

Review: Tropic Skin Care

Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream – Tropic Skin Care* First things first, I am extremely fussy about what products I use on my skin, especially my face. My skin is pretty sensitive and as soon as I use something on it that it doesn’t…

15th January 2013
Beauty Hair

Clynol, Keratin Sleek.

Clynol – Keratin Sleek* I have always been a bit of a hair person (I can see my Mum reading this and laughing at the ‘bit’ part) So, okay.. I am a fully fledged hair person, I have drawers of products and have probably…

12th November 2012


Shampoo & Conditioner – Area H2O* I haven’t done a beauty based review post in a little while – it is a bit different from my outfit posts but Tiny Twisst originally started life as a makeup inspired blog I think it’s nice to…

4th October 2012
Beauty Hair

Hot Oil.

VO5 Hot Oil – Boots I’m going to admit, a few years ago I never really used to worry about the condition of my hair. My hair is naturally silky so it never feels unhealthy, even when it is. I would blow dry it…

29th July 2012


Vanilla & Coconut Shampoo – Alison Claire * Mango & Coconut Body Lotion – Alison Claire * The Alison Claire range was created due to the increase in public awareness of the potential exposure to irritant chemicals in beauty products, meaning all products in the range are…

10th July 2012