Thursday, August 21, 2014


 photo stripey1_zps4ac1e6f2.jpg  photo stripey5_zps45c88895.jpg  photo stripey2_zps204b53d4.jpg  photo stripey3a_zps97cdf5cf.jpg  photo stripey3b_zps34b5b079.jpg  photo stripey4_zpsbfec4a43.jpg  photo stripey6_zps5dcf8338.jpg
Playsuit - Chella
Necklace - Anna Lou of London*
Shoes - New Look
Lips - Rimmel, Kate Moss
 I'll always be attracted to black clothing.. I try to stray from it but there's just something that keeps pulling me back in. I do however feel that although this playsuit is black, the white stripe adds a pleasant summer feel and it is therefore okay to wear during my 'black clothes rehab' (I kid.. I could never do that..) Chella are a brand sold in Topshop, so it might be a little tricky to pick this up, but it's still a little monochrome inspiration for you. I am also loving this nautical anchor necklace recently from Anna Lou of London, they have some really fun pieces that are subtle but still help create a statement. Of course I added a bright lip and those New Look wedges - a really quick and simple outfit, perfect for some bank holiday jaunts! (just don't blame me for the hangover..)
So, bank holiday weekend! What are you guys doing for it? Please tell me you'll be having a Monday lay in, go on.. you deserve it.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 photo unigrey2_zps00ea7765.jpg  photo unigrey3a_zps04f1f773.jpg  photo unigrey3b_zps117edafb.jpg  photo unigrey4_zps124abd4b.jpg  photo unigrey1_zpse694828e.jpg
Crop Top - Topshop
Jeans - Uniqlo*
Shoes - ASOS (similar here)
Sunglasses - New Look
Lips - MAC, Gaga 
If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed I've posted a few outfits this week featuring some Uniqlo jeans. I'm working on a project with Uniqlo at the moment that involves styling one outfit everyday this week, using three pairs of jeans from their fantastic range. Because I'm a massive lover of denim, I thought I'd pop my favourite pair so far up on TT, so here they are! A very slight distressed grey pair which have fast become my go-to pair of jeans - extremely versatile, pretty on trend and super comfortable (long gone are the days of cardboard denim, girls!) I love this simple outfit, white tee, statement heels and a pair of trusty jeans - easy friggin' peasey! Follow me on instagram to see what other outfits I come up with this week!
I had a very exciting shopping trip this week for a project I'm working on, technically I only had to visit one shop - I wish this was the case! I have come to the realisation I have no willpower when I am near any sort of shop. I think I visited every single shop at Lakeside, some of them maybe even twice. I did also have the best lunch - Pizza Express gluten free pizza is my new best friend (if food had feelings..)
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Saturday, August 16, 2014


 photo yello1_zps4ed0d13e.jpg  photo yello2a_zps5be92b9b.jpg  photo yello3b_zps2f0b4e01.jpg  photo yello4_zps7f9d1e26.jpg  photo yello6a_zps1e2f39ed.jpg  photo yello6b_zpsfb4be5e4.jpg  photo yello5_zps7cb87afc.jpg
Playsuit - Jones & Jones*
Jacket - Chicnova*
Shoes - River Island
I have featured this jacket on TT before but I love it so much, it's here again. I feel like it's the jacket that matches my hair (I can't believe I just said that..) and by this I mean the obvious dip-dye effect it has. Because of the dip-dye colouring I do find it a little difficult to match up with certain outfits, I have found it's best worn with a completely over the top pattern clash, like above, or a more simple 'all black' outfit because it adds something a little more fun. I'm also enjoying this playsuit from Jones & Jones, there's something about mixing lemon and lilac that always grabs my attention - it's the perfect unexpected colour pairing.
I have been enjoying following YouTubers on Snapchat recently so thought I'd start my own.. great idea, right?! (probably not) Anyway, if you fancy some random Laura updates make sure you add me on Snapchat, my username is tinytwisst (pretty damn creative of me, I know!)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 photo fcuk0_zps90c45cb2.jpg  photo fcuk1_zpsd04707c0.jpg  photo fcuk3_zps0dd8581e.jpg  photo fcuk2a_zps082c6f21.jpg  photo fcuk2b_zpsbd9ed1d0.jpg  photo fcuk5_zpsabea407b.jpg  photo fcuk4_zps93a9fe13.jpg  photo fcuk6_zpscb34164e.jpg
Dress - FCUK*
Shoes - New Look
Headband - Darccy*
Black Bangle - Anna Lou of London*
Gold Bangle - River Island
Earrings - Joshua James*
Lips - MAC, Lovelorn
FCUK are a brand I have a lot of respect for, they have been a consistent high-street contender and always deliver amazing on trend pieces, as well structured classic items like above. This black dress is the most beautiful quality and a complete dream to wear (plus, it's now in the sale!) It has a flattering pinafore top, panel detailing and not to mention a slightly exaggerated tulip skirt - brilliant for girls looking for a dress with some shape. I paired it with some simple New Look heels and this stunning Darccy headband, I love the art-deco feel this has, it would look wonderful paired with this retro hair tutorial I filmed! Lastly, I felt these simple Swarovski drop earrings would add a touch of glam, they sparkle like no other!
This evening I have been saddened by the news of Company Magazine. If you haven't already heard, Company are stopping the print of their magazine and will now only be available online. Company have evolved massively over the past year and I have always admired their strong involvement with bloggers. I feel saddened that the modern world seems to be slowly killing fashion magazines - there's nothing quite like reading on paper rather than a screen and I shall most definitely miss it.
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 photo SMOVOTE_zps386f6722.jpg