Wednesday, October 01, 2014


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As I get older I realise there are many things we take for granted, myself included in this majority. It wasn't until I was amongst the hustle and bustle of London and its extremely manic city life that I realised I really missed the sound of birds, the smell of freshly cut grass and being able to walk without pressure to keep at the set speed of commuters. I know many people love London life and I can fully understand their reasoning's, but it just wasn't for me. So now that I'm out of the city, I find myself completely at peace when I'm somewhere beautiful, and passionate about the fact that I love it so, damn, much.

I've been working with Levis on their new project, Live in Levis and I absolutely love the concept. The idea is to showcase how you Live in your Levis, whilst doing something you are truly passionate about, for instance cooking, reading, art.. and in my case, the creative outdoors. I never, ever thought that a time would come when I'd list one of my passions anything to do with outdoor life - walking, looking at beautiful places... but maybe at 26 I'm at the tender ol' age where I appreciate the outdoors and the beautiful surroundings us humans are blessed with. So, on a recent Saturday I went for a trip and brisk walk, along the seaside. Armed with my (very warm) Levi's jacket, my Canon 5D and a love for life, I breathed in the fresh seaside air, listened to the sound of swarking seagulls and looked out over a slightly foggy sea. And, you know what? I flamin' loved it.

I'm sure many of you know already, but I used to (and still do) work in photography.. I'm lucky that a hobby of mine turned into a job and I still get to work on lots of fun freelance projects alongside blogging. When I was a mere teenager I used to wake up at 5am (how... I do not know..) with my Dad and we used to photograph beautiful countryside sunrises. It was by no means glamorous - sitting in muddy marshes with a film camera and one chance to get the photo right, but it's one of my fondest memories. My Dad even used to have the photos developed onto slides (for the young ones out there, yes, that's a thing) Whilst I might not get the time to be as creative with photography anymore, having a blog definitely helps and even photographing an outfit is something I enjoy - mix that with a beautiful location and I'm a happy lass.

So, to conclude this post of utter passion... I urge you all to pop on a jumper, some comfortable shoes and go for a walk. Walk anywhere. If you live in London, get on a train to somewhere grassy and walk, listen to the silence and breathe in the air - in a world full of so much technology, social media and goodness knows what else, I'd say it's nice to just feel free from it all.
Keep an eye out for an upcoming post, featuring some special Levi's outfit posts!
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Thursday, September 25, 2014


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Two Piece - Red Label*
Shoes - Lipsy via Very*
Necklace - New Look
Lips - MAC, Poison Apple

If there's one thing 2014 has done well, it's giving full life to the two piece. I don't think there's a fashion item this year that I have loved much more than this trend, it's just damn cool. This one is pretty over the top, but for that reason alone I love it even more. The colours are super bright but there's still some black in there to tone it down - this also helps with matching up shoes and bags, if you don't own a freakishly orange pair already, like I do! Are you bored of these shoes yet?! No? Good, me either - it was the perfect pairing. I felt this outfit needed a little retro hair do, so I went with the 90's half up, half down look - one I feel I need to wear more, it's super handy for days when you just simply cannot be bothered to wash your hair (most days, for me!)

Whilst posting this, I am well and truly wrapped up - I even have socks on, England is cold. So, even though this outfit looks a little summery (because this damn weather is so changeable!) I may pair it with a leather jacket and boots - it'll still work!

Monday, September 22, 2014


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New Look recently asked me to put together an outfit using their brand new "Autumn Forecast" collection, and of course I accepted the challenge. I have been loving Autumn colours recently and it's (dare i say it) quite nice to wear jumpers again.. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but it's good to have a change (and to cover up the white pins!) The new collection showcases a wonderful range of berry toned pieces, including chiffon shirts, structured backpacks and girly floral skirts. The shoes are also pretty special, chunky heels and lace up boots, all for the best affordable prices (so that kind of means you can buy more, right?!)

First up from the new collection I picked out this floral midi skirt, which was the starting point of the outfit, I just love it. I'm loving the colours in it - proving just because it's winter, you don't need to wear dull, dark clothes. It's also the most beautiful, heavy material which makes it a dream to wear. It is definitely a girly, feminine piece but I think it could also be rocked up a little with a leather jacket and chunky boots - after all, a bit of floral never hurt anyone. The colours are really easy to pick out and match up other items, hence the jumper..

So this jumper is a bit of a dream (yes, a jumper can be a dream..) The cutest baby pink shade, paired with a fluffy material and high neck - I love how it's also short in length but still long enough to pair with skirts like above (crop tops can sometimes be too short!) It's the perfect jumper for the colder seasons and still nice and airy in colour - you can't go wrong with pink in my eyes! Initially I was going to pair this outfit with black heels, until I saw these little light grey numbers. Black is an option of course but these lighter heels definitely break up the outfit and pull out some of the colours in the skirt itself (it's so easy to match up outfits to this!) I also really like the shape of them - even with the ankle bar they are extremely flattering, and not too high (I'm getting old, okay?!)

Lastly because technically this is a Autumn outfit, I chose this lightweight burgundy jacket. It's a super thin material, so not the warmest, but worn over a jumper like above you don't need anything more. I love how baby pink and burgundy work together, the perfect Autumn colours in my eyes.. you'll probably be seeing more of that on TT too!

With hundreds of new styles landing in store and online each week, you can always count on New Look to bring you the latest trends straight from the catwalk and into your wardrobe. For more tips and trends follow @newlookfashion and shop the new season at

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Friday, September 19, 2014


 photo dressbox2_zpsc030bc86.jpg  photo dressbox1_zpsf4153a8b.jpg  photo dressbox3a_zpsda8a7c39.jpg  photo dressbox3b_zps5e2c4780.jpg  photo dressbox5_zpsc11e3442.jpg  photo dressbox6a_zps4f25af3c.jpg  photo dressbox66_zps36b5fafc.jpg  photo dressbox4_zps4a71c665.jpg
Dress - The Dress Box*
Shoes - Primark
Earrings - Joshua James*
Lips - Chanel

There's nothing quite like a monochrome outfit, especially one that involves a floral print. I kept this outfit pretty classic with a berry-red lip, slight wedged black heels and my gorgeous Joshua James drop earrings (I love these!) Sometimes fashion is about being comfortable and dressing up a piece in a way that suits it best. Sure, I love on-trend pieces, but it's nice to be a lady sometimes (ohhh errr) I think this outfit would be perfect for a wedding or special occasion, simplicity at its best! I do also really enjoy a long sleeved shift dress, they feel super flattering, and you don't need to worry about a jacket - what a bonus!

The Dress Box have kindly offered my lovely readers a discount code, so if you're in need of a new dress pop in the code TWISST20 and you'll get a lovely 20% off! (this code lasts for 2 weeks only, so get shopping.. yep, any excuse will do!)