Electric - the little blue dress

 photo MGblue2_zpsefb97069.jpg  photo MGblue1_zpsf3f92cae.jpg  photo MGblue4_zps0b99c9dd.jpg
Dress - Missguided X Nicole*
Shoes - Next
Bangle - H&M
Lips - Rimmel, Kate Moss

Electric blue.. something that always catches my eye - amazing for those with blonde hair and also those with brunette.. so no matter how many times I dye the locks, I can always rely on this vibrant shade. This dress is another from the Missguided Nicole range, and of course, I love it. I'll admit there's not all that much of it, but the cut outs are in all the right places - a high neckline mixed with a cut out back provides a classy little blue dress.. I'd say this could over take the LBD - what do you think?!

Wow, where did this week go?! It has flown by, but I guess thats what being busy does to you! I'm definitely looking forward to a 4 day weekend for Easter though, bring on the PJ's and lazy days - my favourite, oh and of course catching up with the blog! I do have a few different types of posts coming up soon, as well as more 'hair how-to's' on my youtube channel, so make sure you keep an eye on things over in Tiny Twisst land. A few changes are coming, but they're all really exciting, and I can't wait to share them with you!

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Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Dolcis*
Hat - Topshop
Necklace - H&M
Lips - Body Shop*

Leopard is a print that stands on the middle of a fine line between 'fashion' and 'tacky', so it's pretty important that you get your leopard correct because, well.. no one wants to look like Pat Butcher afterall (for the non-British amongst you, give her a quick google..) Anyway, leopard print is still a huge favourite of mine so when I see an item that it works well with, I'll have myself one. This blouse from Zara is a prime example, a very delicate material and a modern studded gold detailing along the shoulders, plus it was in the sale - even better! I paired with my trusty Fedora, Leigh Jeans and these amazing cream Dolcis boots - I LOVE the cut-out detailing and heel cuff, great for the winter/spring transistion! Lastly, I got given this lipstick in a fashion week goody bag and it's become my new neutral favourite, I love brown tone lips at the moment and it makes any outfit that little bit more interesting.. so thanks Body Shop!

I had a few bits of exciting news this week, some of which I'll save for another post.. BUT, I had the biggest suprise when I logged onto my Youtube account earlier this week. My 'Hair styles for short hair' video has reached almost 24,000 views!! I'm absolutely amazed that many people have watched me mess around with my hair. It has spurred me on to trying to make more videos as well, so any ideas or things you'd like to see me film, let me know in the comments below, or pop me a tweet!


Please nominate Tiny Twisst in the 2014 Company Style Blog Awards under the 'Best Personal Style Blog' Category - it would mean the world because blogging is such a massive part of my life. Click here to Nominate!


 photo MGwhite2_zpsedfe8eab.jpg  photo MGwhite1_zps6511f100.jpg  photo MGwhite3_zpseeb23e7e.jpg  photo MGwhite4_zps008a3033.jpg
Dress - Nicole X Missguided*
Shoes - Next
Lips - Bodyshop

The next dress I received from the Nicole X Missguided collection is this frosty white number.. even know there's not really much of it, I'm pretty fond. Whilst it probably isn't a dress for a family reunion, it would be brilliant for a night on the town with the girls.. but you might want to invest in some boob tape.. (just saying) I do love the cut out detailing, and it would look even better with a gorgeous bronzed tan, so is definitely one for after the holiday season/a night with the tan bottle. White is still a big 'colour' this season, and I love how it looks with nude heels - although it would be even better with a pop of colour, orange heels perhaps?

Have you had your eye on anything from the Nicole X Missguided range?


Please nominate Tiny Twisst in the 2014 Company Style Blog Awards under the 'Best Personal Style Blog' Category - it would mean the world because blogging is such a massive part of my life. Click here to Nominate!


 photo blackgold1_zps8e326a2b.jpg  photo blackgold2_zps1e5cbd97.jpg  photo blackgold3_zps053429f5.jpg
Dress - Whistle & Wolf*
Bag - La Moda*
Necklace - Mark Milton*
Shoes - Next
Lips - Bodyshop, Coral Blush

A working wardrobe isn't something bloggers usually post about, which isn't much help when you're starting a new job. I need inspiration for work outfits and I can never find anything, anywhere. Surely work outfits don't have to be boring.. right? I started a new job last month and thought this might be a good idea for Tiny Twisst - so let me know if you'd like to see more of this! I love dresses for work, they are comfortable (especially if you're sitting down all day) can be adapted to any weather conditions (just add thick tights when it's cold) and if you're going out straight from work, pop on some heels and you're good to go. I think black dresses are great for work, simply because they look classy and smart straight away, this one also has pleats which is a major added bonus. Add a statement necklace like this gorgeous one from Mark Milton (gold works wonderfully well with black!) and I'd say that was a pretty simple yet effective outfit for work.



 photo vans1_zps0d86b5e1.jpg  photo vans3_zps91c6ef47.jpg  photo vans4_zps841f1021.jpg  photo vans2_zps256fee90.jpg  photo vans5_zps10082a78.jpg
Jacket - WalG*
Top & Shorts - Primark
Vans - Surfdome*
Lips - Bodyshop

I was going to put this outfit on hold as the weather decided to be freezing last week, however the weekend pleasantly surprised me and was SO warm - so here it is! I have been enjoying seeing people wear the 'sport luxe' trend but haven't ever really experimented with it very much myself. When I spotted this top in Primark I loved the slight sporty soccer feel it had - I feel it works well with a casual outfit like above, but could also work with a pleated skirt, or even ripped boyfriend jeans - the possibilities are endless, and you know how I like a staple piece! I also received these Vans which, by the way, are the comfiest shoes ever - I could live in them!

So.. horahh for my hair being long enough to pop up in a high ponytail again! A style I have missed massively - so convenient for lazy hair days! Hopefully soon it will be long enough to wear up and not use about a million grips.. one can hope..

Lastly, happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mum's out there.. including my own, who I love to the moon and back.



 photo pinkging1_zpsb578a1a9.jpg  photo pinkging2_zpsa0f76c0c.jpg  photo pinkging4_zps284e6556.jpg  photo pinkging3_zps7c1e704c.jpg
Top - New Look
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Glamorous*
Bag - La Moda*

I admit, pink is my 'thing', I don't like to be a stereotypical girl, but what the hell.. I just really like pink. This skirt has definitely been doing the rounds on the bloggersphere and I can 100% understand why, it is a wonderful mix of Spring trends (gingham!) and obviously features my favourite colour. I paired this with a baby pink vest (because it was super hot) and these Glamorous platform sandals - which are a bit love/hate, a trend I have conformed to and trying to embrace! I did also wear this at the weekend and paired it with thin black tights, black boots, a pink fluffy jumper and a leather jacket - I was surprised that it worked with black, and love that I can wear this whatever the weather!

I started a new job last week and have been really enjoying it. I have a little less time to blog now after a brief full time blogger stint, but enjoy having some structure back in my life! Of course this place will still be updated - I have always worked and blogged in the past. It has definitely been nice dressing for work again rather than sitting about in joggers. My face is wondering what the makeup is about though, bare faced week days are a thing of the past!

Also, as it is almost April (HOW did that happen?!) Make sure you check out my wonderful March advertisers Beaute Vie Mode and Adventures of an Anglophile. It has been lovely having them grace my little side bar for my first month of advertising, as well as the others! If you'd like to advertise for April, take a look at the info here.



 photo mothersday6_zpsfb700c95.jpg  photo mothersday1_zps6d7805fb.jpg  photo mothersday2_zps5fc02016.jpg  photo mothersday3_zps2d2db60e.jpg  photo mothersday4_zps71c83f63.jpg  photo mothersday5_zpsfaddfc5f.jpg  photo mothersday7_zps4c02fd72.jpg
Now, my Mum is a very important lady in my life. We often say we are the same person, because we are so alike. She is my best friend, my soul mate as well as my Mum and I know I am very lucky to be blessed with this type of relationship, not only with my Mum, but my Dad also.

Mother's Day can still be a tricky one, what do you buy the lady in your life that never wants for anything? Trying to get gift ideas is a bit of a mission, and if yours is like mine, they don't really want you to buy them anything anyway - disaster! When Marks & Spencer got in touch with me and gave me the chance to give my Mum breakfast in bed, I obviously jumped at the chance. Treating my loved ones is my favourite thing, and well, my Mum deserves it. Now I do live 3 hours away from home and adapting to not seeing my Mum everyday has been the hardest obstacle of my life thus far. On Mothering Sunday I will be home with her and I can't wait to spoil her rotten with breakfast and lots of tea in this amazing china. 

So, Marks and Spencer provided me with some fabulous 'breakfast in bed' essentials. The gold rimmed china is absolutely wonderful and definitely suits my shiny, glitter obsessed Mother! The mohair throw is the perfect addition for her never ending love of bed covers and cushions, the pink is a gorgeous musty rose shade which has a vintage feel and it is SO soft. Marks & Spencer also sent my Mum some beautiful lily's, which are her favourite. I'd say this is proof that it can actually ALL be done by Marks & Spencer.. I'm a extremely impressed. Thoughtful and special gifts for the the lady of my world. 

What will you be buying your Mum, have you checked out Marks & Spencer's gifts?

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