Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 photo fashpill1_zpsdf6a5e3e.jpg  photo fashpill2_zpsa21241c2.jpg  photo fashpill9_zps6f0a3d86.jpg  photo fashpill3A_zps75319c32.jpg  photo fashpill3B_zps7f3f3e15.jpg  photo fashpill4_zps51a2f7de.jpg  photo fashpill5_zpsbf2c9bfe.jpg  photo fashpill6_zpsf852a494.jpg  photo fashpill7_zpsd64bde67.jpg  photo fashpill8_zpsb344ed52.jpg  photo fashpill10_zps25259db1.jpg Dress - Fashion Pills*
Shoes - Missguided*
Bag - Radley*

This dress tugs on every single one of my heart strings (assuming I have more than one?) A perfect lace detailing placed over panelled sections (I still love a cut out) and generous long sleeves, which I always love in a mini-dress - it's the perfect little black dress. I popped on these glam Missguided heels, which aren't the most practical for a 'heelaphobe' like myself, but they add the perfect touch to this dress. I also recently received this beautiful blush Radley bag from the new collection. Usually Radley isn't a brand I would go for, but this recent release has definitely got me re-thinking (check it out, the colours are perfect for Summer) When it popped through my door, my heart skipped a pink, handbag shaped beat. This bag is thr perfect shade of the lightest pink, a structured shape and simple choice of two handles, one long and one short. I'm not sure my heart can take much more! ;)

Speaking of heart, my most recent YouTube video is the first in my Tiny Talk series, and it's all about first date tips! (and dates in general) You can watch it below. Tiny Talk is a collection of videos inwhich I talk about personal issues, tips, advice and so on. It's something I've really wanted to do for a while now, I love helping people and this seems to be my way to be able to! If you have anything you'd like me to chat about, leave it in the comments or email it over!

 photo signoff_zps1f6f13b1.jpg

Friday, February 20, 2015


 photo MoodyGoth-1_zpsb63ff5c3.jpg  photo MoodyGoth-2_zps01aa84dd.jpg  photo MoodyGoth-5_zpsfb07dbfa.jpg  photo IMG_5903_zpsd1e8d1bb.jpg  photo MoodyGoth-4_zpsaaddcbcf.jpg  photo MoodyGoth-6_zpsf7fbaaba.jpg  photo MoodyGoth-3_zpsfe234925.jpg  photo IMG_5891_zpse5247e36.jpg  Watch - MVMT

"Whoever is happy, will make others happy too" - Anne Frank

I find with happiness comes inspiration. When you're at a really good place in your life, flicking through magazines, blogs and social media can inspire you to a whole new level. That's what happened here. Trawling through press releases and various instagram accounts I had the sudden urge to create something a little more 'artistic' for Tiny Twisst. Sure enough the uniformed outfit post may be what I do best, but I love photography and I do sometimes miss being creative with it. So here it is, something a little more 'raw'.

I received this beautiful watch recently from mvmt, the matte strap and simplicity of blue on black creates a stylish, classic watch - something everyone should have atleast one of. Their story, is also an inspiring one, give it a read here. (Use the code tinytwisst at the checkout for $10 off your order too) Thanks to Chris for editing these photos beautifully.

 photo signoff_zps1f6f13b1.jpg

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 photo BLUETOOTH1_zpsa23cabdd.jpg  photo BLUETOOTH2_zpse042cd9e.jpg  photo BLUETOOTH6_zpsa9f22cb7.jpg  photo BLUETOOTH3_zps641e0eda.jpg  photo BLUETOOTH4_zps50d7bc24.jpg  photo BLUETOOTH7a_zps8135b544.jpg  photo BLUETOOTH7b_zpsf0d9fbf1.jpg  photo BLUETOOTH5_zps516a2f3f.jpg  Jumper - Baum und Pferdgarten*
Top - Glamorous*
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Nica*
Shoes - Vagabond
Necklace - River Island

I can't help but want to dress cosy in Winter. I can't bare to be cold, uncomfortable and in pain (aka always a need for comfy shoes) and I guess that's where this outfit stems from! This dogtooth-esq oversized cardigan is perfect for a slouchy day and I love how casual, yet still cool, it looks. I paired it with my obvious choice of Mom jeans in grey, my trusty Vagabonds and a little Glamorous crop top. I have also been loving this backpack from Nica, which if you follow me over on instagram you will have already seen! Backpacks are so much easier to carry all my junk around, and I find it doesn't get in the way as much as a normal bag does.

Did anyone else in the UK experience the burst of sun and slightly warm weather over the weekend? I was in Brighton visiting my boyfriend's family and it was so nice to see the sun out for a change - everywhere felt a bit Spring like. It's made me super excited for Summer! Hurry up, please.

 photo signoff_zps1f6f13b1.jpg

Saturday, February 14, 2015


 photo ScreenShot2015-02-10at162511_zpsb73f7a59.jpg  photo ScreenShot2015-02-12at190910_zps750fc989.jpg  photo ScreenShot2015-02-13at180633_zps260aff64.jpg  photo ScreenShot2015-02-13at180654_zpsfb59c2a4.jpg Happy Valentines day!

In the spirit of Valentines Day I have uploaded this little date night makeup & hair look over on my YouTube channel! I went for a neutral eye using the Urban Decay Naked palette, a small dosing of mascara and a dusting of pink blush. Red lipstick is a no no (it doesn't bode well with meals, drinks and takes a lot of up-keep!) so for this look I made sure to only apply a small about, and toned it down with some Carmex gloss. I went for my usual hair style of brushed out messy curls and popped on a simple black blouse and my favourite necklace. Of course it's all about being yourself and feeling comfortable, so this is just a little idea of how I'd wear mine. 

 photo signoff_zps1f6f13b1.jpg