Monday, November 24, 2014


 photo berrydressy1_zps3bf90e66.jpg  photo berrydressy2a_zps747132d3.jpg  photo berrydressy2b_zps8f5394cb.jpg  photo berrydressy3_zps5a82f5fe.jpg  photo berrydressy7_zps9c74375f.jpg  photo berrydressy4_zps7167c233.jpg  photo berrydressy5_zps1a3c7f0f.jpg  photo berrydressy6_zpsc06a79d4.jpg Dress - Boutique*
Shoes - River Island

Sometimes a more corporate styled dress is required - some of us have big events to attend.. don't you know (for me, not so much!) It's times like these when a dress like above will come in handy - a beautiful berry shade (perfect for all seasons) with a smidgen of lace, just enough to keep it smart but still very effective and dare I say it, slightly sexy? It is the perfect length, and has the most decent neckline, meaning it is comfortable for any type of evening. Usually I would go for black heels to match in with the lace, but to keep it a little fresh (and pink!) I popped on my baby pink River Island numbers, I love these little mites.

So today has been a busy one in Tiny Twisst land. I have been working non-stop on my filming set-up - lights, camera and well.. action. It's finally sorted (it worked!) and I filmed a quick video to test it all out on which will be live soon. Let's just say I'm super, super excited for video day (Sundays!) because this video feels all proper, it's so rewarding when things work out. Make sure you guys are subscribed! And lastly, I really do appreciate your criticism when it comes to my blog & YouTube. If there's something you'd like to see, something I can improve and so on, pop me a comment - I'm in the mood to make things perfect around here :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014


 photo checked1_zpscc65c480.jpg  photo checked2_zps1551285e.jpg  photo checked3A_zps8da62610.jpg  photo checked3B_zps317ee3c5.jpg  photo checked4_zps11370747.jpg  photo checked5_zps38dd94c1.jpg  photo checked8_zpsa6f6c7e6.jpg Dress - Primark
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Timberland via Jones Bootmaker*

 This season I have been well and truly taken in by the check trend, so obviously when I spotted this in my local Primark, I had to have it. I love the primary colours of this dress, and the smock style, it gives it a cute, girly feel - which as you know, I'm always loving. I also picked up these thick termal tights, they are literally my Winter saviour! Never will my legs be cold again. I popped on some slightly chunkier boots and opted for these classic Timberland's, I'm loving this matt black style and again, they are just perfect for the Winter months ahead of us.

 Looks like a few of you enjoyed my most recent post about my trip to Cornwall. I'm so glad you guys want to see more personal lifestyle type posts, I love doing them. Keep your eyes peeled, I shall be posting a few more very soon! In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel - lot's of videos for you to watch over there!

Monday, November 17, 2014


 photo MM1_zps5357644a.jpg  photo TT0_zpsdeeb3461.jpg  photo TT2_zps15483da0.jpg  photo cornwallb1_zps861d4e79.jpg  photo TT4_zpsa3a821d4.jpg  photo cornwallb3_zps2ba91e6e.jpg  photo cornwallb2_zpsa6e5d7b6.jpg  photo cornwallpost3_zps6413abe2.jpg  photo cornwallpost2_zpsc25d8aeb.jpg  photo cornwallb5_zpsbdf31ca0.jpg  photo cornwallpost5_zps2147b567.jpg  photo MT1_zpsdb205d55.jpg  photo cornwallpost1_zpsd55c4f52.jpg  photo cornwallb4_zps55132c58.jpg 
A few weeks ago my boyfriend & I embarked on a week long Cornwall adventure. I knew Cornwall was pretty, but it was even more beautiful than I had imagined - everywhere had the most amazing views & the sea was a pure shade of blue, heavenly. We visited some pretty nice places during the week including Tintagel Castle (which was my favourite) The Eden Project, Boscastle and The Lost Gardens of Heligan, to name a few. We also found a little cafe in Tintagel that sold the most amazing gluten free pies and I'll admit it, this was possibly one of my holiday highlights, hence it's mention in this post. I love a pie.

I like the idea of popping up a few more personal lifestyle posts up here now and then, so let me know if you'd like to see more. Thank you to my boyfriend for the some of the spectacular photos above too, check his instagram out for more snaps.