7th October 2015

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    As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently in Norway! So this blog post is coming from my Norwegian hotel room which, I think is pretty cool! The photos however are from my favourite little beach hut spot – I asked Chris to snap a few photos one evening whilst we were out snapping some sunsets.

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  • bud-4


    My boyfriend & I do like a little weekend wander. Off into nature we trek and along the way we find little gems like the above. Beautifully historic castles, placed in the brilliant British…

    2nd October 2015
  • MODE

    Girls day out

    Shopaholic? Me? Never! Okay, maybe a little. Anyway, when myself and Megan (click to check out her blog!) were invited to Lakeside last week for a bit of a shopping splurge of course I…

    30th September 2015
  • tes1


    Now, I’m not a professional in Fashion… infact, probably far from it. BUT, I have (in my 27 years) learnt a few things along the way. Do you want to know what? Well.. okay,…

    26th September 2015
  • Watches

    Watch Wishlist

    Ah what’s the time? A question that I never need to ask, because, well, I love watches… Like many women! If you’re here as a blogger, you’ll understand that watches have become fashion pieces…

    22nd September 2015
  • 9

    Beach Blue

        The Hanneli Mustaparta Deichmann Collection This week Deichmann released their collection in collaboration with blogger Hanneli Mustaparta and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak, and a pair to review! The collection…

    16th September 2015
  • bud


    Trends – they run in cycles and can pretty much be matched to most aspects of our daily life. From fashion, music, films, health and of course, fitness. I was recently sent this brilliant video by…

    14th September 2015