Sunday, January 25, 2015


 photo blueflora1_zpsafccc926.jpg  photo blueflora2_zpsc3e5a194.jpg  photo blueflora4_zps58c8bc9f.jpg  photo blueflora5_zps5f5283d2.jpg  photo blueflora6_zps3441557a.jpgTwo Piece - Lavish Alice (Top/Bottoms)*
Coat - Fashion Union*
Shoes - New Look

Holy Blue. This outfit is a bit of a bright one, isn't it?! I actually remember the early days of Lavish Alice and it has definitely blossomed into a strong, strong brand. The website is sleek and so are the clothes, which is such a nice thing to see. I chose this two-piece because well, I love a matching set! I would prefer it if the bottoms were a skirt, rather than culottes, just because these aren't my usual style. But, it's nice to mix it up a little anyway, fashion is sometimes about being daring after all. I popped on my chunky heels as I feel it needs something ultra modern to enable it to stay cool, as well as a slightly purple lip - for another dash of colour. Lastly this furry coat is not only incredibly warm but also the softest thing I own, I love it! How do you feel about the culotte two piece?

So, this weekend I hit 30,000 subscribers over on my YouTube channel! I'm absolutely amazed, it feels only yesterday I was celebrating hitting the last milestone. It's so rewarding to know that people like to watch the videos I work really hard on (as well as my blog, of course) and I can't thank you guys enough for sticking with me. I've had some brilliant news regarding Tiny Twisst this week and I'm feeling pretty good about 2015!

 photo signoff_zps1f6f13b1.jpg

Thursday, January 22, 2015


 photo allblack1_zpse143f4a9.jpg  photo allblack2_zpsbabf546f.jpg  photo allblack3_zps38395012.jpg  photo allblack0_zps2f9c057e.jpg  photo allblack4a_zpscf370667.jpg  photo allblack4b_zps42404377.jpg  photo allblack5_zps8ac42021.jpg  photo allblack6_zps225f368e.jpg Jumper - H&M 
Shorts - H&M (similar here
Boots - Fashion Union*
 Scarf - Joules*

Yes, those boots. I've finally taken the plunge and tried out a pair of thigh-highs (or slightly over the knees, which is actually how these ones fit) Whilst I actually really quite like the slightly 'sexy' vibe it gives an outfit, it also feels a tad, well, weird. Maybe that's down to a childhood spent watching certain nineties pop stars flutter around in similar attire, young people.. this fashion happened once before, many, many years ago. Anyway, I think they're a grower and something I may well learn to love. These are super comfy and I love the fact they're flat - I think heels may be pushing it a little. I paired it with an all black get-up and this amazing faux-fur scarf, which is a gorgeous midnight blue, a perfect yet subtle hint of colour.

 I'm so glad you guys enjoyed my last post. Outdoorsy shots take a lot of work (especially in the ice cold depths of Winter!) with a lot of help, and I'm so happy when I get such lovely comments off you guys. Expect many more! I also popped up a new video this week, which again took me a while to edit - I tried to make it all fancy, you can watch it below if you like, I'd love to know what you think.

 photo signoff_zps1f6f13b1.jpg

Monday, January 19, 2015


 photo highwoodsfinals-3_zps5b7eb68d.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-12_zps05b88e8f.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-11_zpsf72ffe6d.jpg  photo MT10_zps429115d6.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-6_zps1dd8659b.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-13_zps443bd133.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-14_zpse2f97ac9.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-5_zps94af96dd.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-7_zpsc243efe6.jpg  photo lauragif_zpse4djsm7t.gif  photo highwoodsfinals-18_zpsf5f36124.jpg photo highwoodsfinals-4_zps1a5ff126.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-2_zps5e17d25c.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-15_zpsc29af884.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-8_zps532cb560.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-16_zpsa4465df4.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-17_zps583a7c5f.jpg  photo highwoodsfinals-9_zpsb2c77b21.jpg
My outfit - Top, Skirt & Scarf - All Matalan / Coat - Daisy Street /  Shoes - Missguided
Chris' Outfit - Shirt & Coat - Matalan / Jeans - Topman / Shoes - Office / Watch - Daniel Wellington

Recently Matalan asked if I would like to do a post not only on Women's wear, but also their Men's wear range. Now obviously I'd look a bit odd prancing around in male clothing... so that's where I dragged my boyfriend Chris along to help me out. Originally this was meant to be a pre-Christmas party inspired outfit shoot, but with various illnesses (hello flu) and a few too many Christmas gatherings, we decided that a casual woodland take on the looks would be a bit more suitable. Now, let me just warn you.. it was very, very cold.

As you may know by now, I do love a hint of leather. With that in mind I chose this leather skirt, which is the perfect length and great for both smart and casual occasions. I paired this with some tights and my favourite Missguided boots. Due to the extreme freezing conditions I also popped on this houndstooth coat and my extremely cosy Matalan scarf. Chris on the other hand actually used his brain (doh) and ordered the warmest coat know to mankind. Chris' shirt is a smarter take on the denim trend, which I really like. The logo on the front also gives is a dash of quality and helps create a cool vibe. As I mentioned previously, his coat has been very well loved since it was delivered - slightly grey with black cord detailing, it's perfect for these arctic conditions.

I hope you liked this post - I'm really enjoying popping a few outdoorsy ones up here, it's a nice change. I have some cool little trips away coming up over the next few months too, so expect some more of these! As always, thanks to Chris for his photography skills, you can take a look at his instagram here.

 photo signoff_zps1f6f13b1.jpg

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


 photo HOF1_zpsed1f7c1d.jpg  photo HOF2_zpsced862f1.jpg  photo HOF4_zpsc141b41b.jpg  photo HOF3A_zps90824032.jpg  photo HOF3B_zps7baa2ce9.jpg  photo HOF7_zps72e73385.jpg  photo HOF6a_zps3331e732.jpg  photo HOF6b_zps9c78c069.jpg  photo HOF5_zps7a6052a1.jpg Jacket - Mango
Dress - House of Fraser*
Boots - Joules*
Lips - Body Shop

You may remember I recently brought this black leather jacket.. well, yeah, I brought it in brown too. It recently went down in the Mango sale and I couldn't resist. It turns out you do need both a black, and a brown jacket in your wardrobe (no, honestly) because sometimes, brown just hits the spot. I've been pondering this dress for a while - the colours are vibrant and the shape/feel of the dress is beautiful but I just couldn't make it work. However, now I feel the brown makes it 'pop', and the colours look even better against the chocolatey shade - brown is definitely the colour to wear with this dress, and I like it. The boots, another amazing wardrobe staple, match my jacket beautifully - obviously they are a match made in heaven. I'm not usually one for knee high boots, but these by Joules are both classic and classy, and I love how they look with a midi-length dress like the above.

I'm so glad you all liked my last post and thank you for all the wonderful comments. I'm hoping to do more posts like this in the future so I'm really glad it went down so well. Obviously the beautiful photography helped (my boyfriend is skilled!) and I'm so excited to shoot some more cool photos for Tiny Twisst!