Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 photo DP3_zps5wd8a5ce.jpg  photo DP6_zpsj9djy9qc.jpg  photo DP2_zpsaep30i66.jpg  photo DP4_zpsekwkktym.jpg  photo DP7_zps9cebempg.jpg  photo DP5_zpsxkloszwr.jpg  photo DP1_zpsts90vq3l.jpg Joggers - Dorothy Perkins*
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins*

Oh hello big open fields! This makes a nice change, doesn't it. My boyfriend and I went up North this weekend, but there will be more about that in vlog form over on my YouTube channel this Sunday, so make sure you're subscribed! So, the outfit - all very blue and Spring inspired. I love the pattern in these beautiful joggers, and they are comfortably light weight, which I love. I'm also really enjoying coordinating shoes to my outfits more this season, and these shoes are the perfect match to this Miss Selfridge top (which has the most amazing lace detailing on the back!)

Dorothy Perkins asked me to style this outfit for their Style Heroes Style off campaign, this week being the wedge & soft jogger challenge. My styled outfit has also been posted to their instagram, and you can vote for me to win by commenting and tagging @tinytwisst (only if you want to, of course!)

 I hope you guys like this location, I'm really trying to get out there and photograph outfits in some cool places, Northumberland was brilliant for this - as you can see! Dreamy..

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Saturday, March 21, 2015


 photo fashionpilljacks1_zpsgxic4zd6.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks2_zpsixri1vrx.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks3_zpso2td8jao.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks4a_zpszrsmsom4.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks4b_zpspmr2bedr.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks5_zpsfprmqyzn.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks6_zpsbblfvw30.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks7_zpsaswntrzn.jpg  photo fashionpilljacks8_zpsyjyzd3pa.jpg Jacket - Fashion Pills*
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - Vagabond
Tights - UK Tights*

 I have to admit, I haven't ever gotten bored of a good ol' gingham print. I've loved it for quite a while now, and it's a love that's also survived a strong trend (which is very rare) once you start seeing a pattern everywhere, usually you can't favour it as much. I came across this blazer and absolutely loved the print, and style - perfect to smarten up a casual outfit. I definitely think this type of outfit benefits from a cool (p)leather skirt, clumpy shoes and a bit of black lace. Of course, to add a little colour pop I went for the brightest pink lipstick I own.

So this weekend I am going away with my lovely boyfriend. We're driving to Northumberland and staying in a rather special building.. I won't reveal all, as you can catch it on my YouTube channel as soon as it uploads (well, it wouldn't be a cool trip without a vlog to pair it to, would it?!) Keep your eyes peeled over there..

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 photo boohoofifgrey1_zpsibjcot7j.jpg  photo boohoofifgrey2_zpspob1wglf.jpg  photo boohoofifgrey3_zpsaglyu9s6.jpg  photo boohoofifgrey4_zpspovlf5yz.jpg  photo boohoofifgrey5_zpsritgdljc.jpg  photo boohoofifgrey6_zpsw6fzp9dp.jpg Shirt - Boohoo*
Jeans - Boohoo*
Shoes - Boohoo*

So, we all know about a certain film with the word grey in the title (and on that matter, we will say no more)... recently the guys at Boohoo challenged me to put together an outfit using only shades of grey from their website. This is actually excellent timing - I am absolutely loving grey right now. Sure enough, grey doesn't seem like it's the most exciting colour in the world, but I'm loving pairing dark greys and light greys in with patterns and so on - it really works. I think I'd even say I feel like it could be the more modern all black outfit. 

So, for my all grey outfit I picked the above pieces. Simple light grey jeans to contrast against this patterned shirt, which showcases a wide array of grey tones. I love how over sized it is, and this could even be worn as a dress! The boohoo tops section is brimming with little beauties, it was difficult to pick just one. Lastly, these shoes have hardly left my feet recently, brilliant grey sling back platforms - they are so comfy too, which is always a bonus. I styled this outfit in my recent look book also, which you can watch below.

Do you guys like all grey outfits? If so, how do you wear yours?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


 photo POSTRACES_zps8ueh8ie2.jpg

Let's be honest, the muddy, frantic and competitive world of racing would, at first glance, appear to have very few links to high fashion. But racing also represents a link back to a different time, when competing on horseback was the sport of aristocracy and nobody would dream of attending an event without first consulting their tailor.

Today that culture survives at the biggest horse meets up and down the country. The Queen is an authority on racing as well as a keen owner who can be seen cheering her thoroughbreds to victory. Racecourses play host to royalty and high society, particularly for Ladies Days and fashion events which often run alongside the biggest races.

The Cheltenham Festival (which begins next week) is particularly known for its emphasis on style - and will be hosting a fashion week to run concurrently with its 4 days of racing. So how do you dress for a day at the races? Really the answer is - express yourself. Of course there are certain pointers - long dresses, an elaborate hat and, if possible, huge heels (if you can bare them all day!) but beyond those confines racing fashion is about as bizarre and extravagant as it gets, which is actually pretty fun, right?!

 photo posthats_zpse4yw8prp.jpg
Hats all from House of Fraser

Milliners must treat the Cheltenham Festival like Christmas. In an age where the hat has fallen out of favour as a fashion accessory; Cheltenham and other festivals are among few occasions they are obligatory.

  photo postdresses_zpsgiyejucd.jpg
Dresses all from River Island

Once upon a time long, sweeping dresses would have been obligatory at Cheltenham; but those days are long past. Now Cheltenham is an event where you gain more kudos for standing out than blending in, so be brave. If it’s bold, brilliant and makes a statement the racegoers will love it.

 photo postshoes_zpsgbahab5j.jpg
Shoes from Topshop

Heels are a standard accessory at Cheltenham but they can cause pain onto your poor feet. As the Daily Mail found, many racegoers ended up carrying their heels due to a day of teetering across soft grass which gradually becomes muddier as the day commences. Packing a spare pair of flats might be a wise move (or babywipes... for those muddy feet) Gloves are also occasionally worn to augment a racing outfit - bear in mind that early March in Gloucestershire can still get quite nippy.

While there are a variety of bar tents and other activities to occupy a day at the races, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the action itself. Get in to the spirit of the day and place a few bets - pick names or read a tip column if you can’t decide! It’ll help you get into the spirit of the day and soon you’ll be bellowing on your pick with thousands of others in the grandstand.

Ladies Day at Cheltenham this year falls on Wednesday, 11th March. Basic tickets start at £22 and can be booked through the Festival’s website.

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Friday, March 13, 2015


 photo FD4_zpseqnrcq1r.jpg  photo FD3_zpsd7o1ziaw.jpg  photo FD1_zpsqpnv0lfo.jpg  photo FD2_zpssoahcnou.jpg All products - Fragrance Direct*

 When you're a teenager, makeup is all a bit of a mystery (well, for me it was..) I remember over-hearing a group of girls at school talking about what makeup they had on - I didn't even know what Mascara really was.. 'paint for eyelashes', what the...?! So, obviously as a natural learning curve, and way before YouTube even existed (yes, really) I needed to get help from someone who knew what they were talking about.. Hello Mother.  Like many, I have been taught the wonderful basics of makeup, by my Mum. Although, since blogging the tables have turned, and I'm usually the one advising... however it doesn't mean that I've forgotten the valuable advice I was once given. SO in honour of Mother's Day, heres some of the tips I've picked up along the way (and with the help of my very own Mum!)

#1 Use makeup that suits YOU. It's so difficult to stick to what we know with so many trends flying around all the time, but it's so important to use colours and makeup that suits your colouring and complexion. For example, blue eyed girls will always suit copper eye shadow tones and brown eyed girls will always suit greens! If you see a makeup look you like, simply adapt it to your own style.

#2 It's either one, or the other. Don't go overboard by wearing both heavy eye makeup, and a heavy lip - choose between the two. A heavy lip colour works a lot better with a barely-there eye look, and vice versa. These shades by Calvin Klein provide the best of both worlds, one slightly darker and the other more of a pink-nude.

#3 Less is more. This runs along the same lines as the previous point. If you don't need it, don't wear it. Have beautiful skin? Why use foundation? Have wonderful eyelashes? Probably don't need mascara, and so on. Why cover up what nature blessed you with? Daily makeup should be easy and simple (but of course a little bronzer never hurt no one!)

#4 Never over-pluck! This is probably the tip I wish I had listened to a little more. Trawling through old photos I see tiny, little eyebrows - it's only then you realise how important they are, I looked like an alien! Obviously back in the day, thin eyebrows was an actual real trend (no idea why) but now, not so much. Brows frame your face which means they are incredibly important. I'm lucky enough to have had mine grow back pretty thick but if you've over-plucked, simply use a pencil or a matching eyeshadow to fill them in. Practise makes perfect though, so watch a few tutorials to perfect your technique.

I hope you guys liked those tips, and they might have helped someone out there! Let me know if you like this type of post, it was super fun to write. And lastly, let me know in the comments what your best makeup tip is!

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