Thursday, December 18, 2014


 photo daniel1_zpse6edfa7b.jpg  photo daniel2_zpsb1bdd884.jpg  photo daniel3_zps43bf47c5.jpg  photo daniel4_zps8a237473.jpg Watch - Daniel Wellington*
Photos by Chris Bradshaw

 With Christmas fast approaching, I'm guessing that this year watches are most definitely on the top of the present list. It has been the year of the watch, am I right? My personal favourite has to be the classic Daniel Wellington face and leather strap (as seen above) and I'm especially loving how much larger the faces from the Men's collection are - I'd like to say I love a big face, but that doesn't really work here. If you're thinking of buying a special someone (yourself included!) a new watch from Daniel Wellington they have kindly let me have a 15% discount code, simply enter holidaytinytwisst at the checkout! (valid until December 31st)

I have also been keeping my eye on the watches over at Pragnell, they definitely have a certain class about them and I am in love with the diamond cluster watches, simply stunning. If you're after a more feminine and intricate watch, Pragnell could be for you. A classic watch is timeless (excuse the pun) and will last you forever. Choose wisely young ones!

*This is a sponsored post, all views my own

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 photo dogtooth1_zps8c020e7f.jpg  photo dogtooth2_zpsd9ea1b94.jpg  photo dogtooth3_zpse4c60eef.jpg  photo dogtooth4_zpsfcab2b6d.jpg  photo dogtooth5_zps1f9d257b.jpg Coat - Daisy Street*
Top - Glamorous*
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins*
Ring - My Flash Trash*

Dog tooth has always been a print that just keeps on giving.. just when you think it's gone, it comes back around. Well, for that reason alone, I like it.. and I also like this Daisy Street jacket. The perfect casual/smart outerwear item, and paired with red makes it even better. Dorothy Perkins have launched their exciting AW14 'What's your Dorothy moment?' campaign. I chose these funky heels to pair with a casual to glam type outfit, which is perfect for the office party season. Simply pop these on in the evening and you're good to go, in fact I really like how modern and fun these are, they definitely add a fun element to any outfit - how cool is the glittery chunky heel!

As part of this campaign, Dorothy Perkins are also running a competition where you can have the chance to win a year's supply of Dorothy Perkins shoes (yes, really..) All you have to do is share your Dorothy moment using the #DPShoeSelfie and #MyDorothyMoment on Twitter or Instagram.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 photo LYST_zps01b8efec.jpgAll items listed on my Gift Lyst 

Well ladies, it's Christmas.. the time of year we unwrap 'that present' and find a dressing gown instead of the Mulberry bag we so greedily hoped for (we can all dream) (and there's obviously nothing wrong with dressing gowns!) Anyway, it's happened to us all, and whilst Christmas isn't all about the presents, it's nice to sometimes.. now and then.. get the present we are expecting (but without actually knowing about it) Ladies are mystical creatures, and if you're male and reading this.. basically, we want what we want, but without actually knowing we're going to get it.

Don't panic, here's where it gets a little more simple (queue sighs of relief) I recently came across Lyst. A brilliant website with pages and pages of products (9,000 brands to be precise) from designer to high street, with a fantastic 'list' system (hence the name) Basically, you can go through the shopping pages and add items to your lists. You can create separate lists for all occasions, for example my 'Gift Lyst' is a load of Christmas gift ideas, I can then send this to my family & friends when they ask me what I want for Christmas etc! The more you use Lyst, the more personalised it becomes.. also, when an item on one of your lysts goes on sale or comes back in stock, you'll get a notification!

I think it's a great idea and the perfect solution to the 'What would you like for Christmas' question, don't you?!

*this is a sponsored post, all views my own.

Monday, December 15, 2014


 photo NAVA_zps28798d9f.jpg
Hair Straighteners - Nava

If you follow my YouTube, you may have seen these little beauties appear once or twice, in hair videos.. favorite videos and so on. Well, the lovely guys over at Nava are letting me host a giveaway, and one of my lovely readers/viewers can win themselves a pair of the exact Nava Straighters (which retail at £79.99!) I have (obviously a new pair, not mine.. don't worry!) This giveaway is open internationally also the giveaway starts on Monday 15th December, and you have until the 5th January to enter! Good luck!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


 photo MISSG1_zps9ef99c5f.jpg  photo MISSG2_zps9c2f10de.jpg  photo MISSG5A_zps662dd0d2.jpg  photo MISSG5B_zpsff849bef.jpg  photo MISSG3_zpse7fd82b5.jpg  photo MISSG4_zpsc7d4b139.jpg  photo MISSG6_zps9f9c4b22.jpg  photo MISSG8A_zps6f4aa205.jpg  photo MISSG8B_zps5d85265f.jpg
Jacket - Missguided*
Skirt - Missguided*
Heels - Missguided* (1/2)
Vest - Zara
Necklace - Primark 

 The two-piece is a trend I may never tire of, I love matching items and this one is no exception Firstly, the scalloped detailing on this suit two-piece softens the look of the outfit, which I love. I'm not usually a blazer type of girl but I think this one has a really nice casual vibe to it - the jacket would look great with a pair of jeans and baggy white t-shirt! I also love how the bottom half is a skirt, again helping to soften the appearance of the outfit. Missguided asked me to style this outfit with two pairs of shoes from their wide (and amazing) shoe collection, so I went for these little beauties. Firstly, the white & black strappy heels help to keep the outfit bright, without even needing to add colour (just a strong red lip) and of course secondly I went for some classic black, and very high, heels - which add a touch of class (if you can walk in heels, unlike me!)